I had the opportunity for a very quick visit to The Isle of Arran recently – I’ve visited there a few times before, but never with my camera and/or the time to properly explore it as a seascape photography location. Although not as dramatic or as atmospheric as many of the other Scottish islands, but – if you are in Central Scotland – much easier to get too and definitely worthy of consideration for a trip. The coastal landscape is subtle, there are no rock-stacks or obvious ‘classic location’ shots that will excite the ‘shot-baggers’ (if you’ve followed any of my earlier posts you’ll know my impatience with people who rush around all the well-worn and often photographed places without taking the time to explore the glory they might just have hurried by) and you’ll have to work hard, but there are many beautiful images to be found if you take the time to patiently seek them out.

The landscape changes often with Goatfell the highest point and an undulating , mostly narrow and curving road around the coast with ‘The String’ connecting Blackwaterfoot to Broddick through the middle of Arran – will get you around the island as long you’re not in too much of hurry.

Corrie and Whiting Bay on the east, Kildonan and Blackwaterfoot on the west plus the walk to Glen Rosa are all cracking places to visit. I enjoyed my visit so much that I intend to go again as soon as I can.