Isle of Harris – A Dream Destination


I had the absolute luxury of running a 1:1 workshop on the Isle of Harris recently – an island in the Outer Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland that should be visited at least once by everyone and yes, you must take a camera.

The landscape is a photographers dream with a coastline and beaches you will simply fall in love with. The colours – even on a dull day – are sublime and the water really is tourquoise as it laps (or crashes) onto the silver sands with barely a footprint to be seen on the huge, largely empty and unspoilt bays. 

Travel to Harris – if going by land – is not a short journey, involving a ferry from Skye or Ulapool. You will drive through some spectacular countryside and once there the very quirky coastal roads will amuse and perhaps frustrate you – be patient, slow down and embrace the gentle pace – Harris, for me anyway, is a spiritual, tranquil and calming location. Sure the weather can be wild and unpredictable, but isn’t that part of its charm and a factor in the ever changing light – one minute dark and foreboding, the next moment golden as it falls across the contours of the land.  

Just go – you won’t be disappointed. 

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Luminar is Now Available: Try it today for Free!

Luminar is Now Available: Try it today for Free!

I’ve now had more time to play with Luminar  – the new image editing software from Macphun – and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. It offers a serious alternative to Lightroom – without the catalogue functionality, Adobe Camera Raw and some of the flexibility of Photoshop for a very attractive price. It works as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop or even Aperture (if you still have a copy). The interface is slick and fairly easy to learn – slightly quirky when you get to layering and masks if you’re used to Adobe products, but almost immediately a lot of it will seem familiar and for the less experienced user presets are loaded to enable you to add effects simply and quickly as you discover and learn more about Luminars capabilities.

The launch price of $69 – now available with a free trial period – is an absolute steal if you compare it to an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Have a look it may be just what you need.

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but it’s not sharp……

I had the absolute pleasure of listening to a talk by Warren Richardson last July – during a private viewing of the World Press Photo of the Year at the Scottish Parliament last July. He discussed his series of photographs documenting refugees crossing the border from Serbia to Hungry – if you haven’t seen these images please have a look. Not only did I find his work truly inspiring, but his dedication to record the sad events happening around him was a deeply humbling experience. I consider Warren a true photojournalist – in that he seems compelled to produce images that try to educate and hopefully change opinions.

But why the headline ‘but it’s not sharp’ –  because it doesn’t matter a flying feck.

Warren was quite literally often shooting in the dark – working quickly in dark conditions. Pushing the capabilities of his camera to the limits and beyond – many of the images are unsharp – with obvious movement. Does this lessen the images – absolutely not in my opinion. If anything it makes them more compelling, dynamic and honest.

Please read his stories and study his work – I think you’ll learn much.