Isle of Harris – A Dream Destination


I had the absolute luxury of running a 1:1 workshop on the Isle of Harris recently – an island in the Outer Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland that should be visited at least once by everyone and yes, you must take a camera.

The landscape is a photographers dream with a coastline and beaches you will simply fall in love with. The colours – even on a dull day – are sublime and the water really is tourquoise as it laps (or crashes) onto the silver sands with barely a footprint to be seen on the huge, largely empty and unspoilt bays. 

Travel to Harris – if going by land – is not a short journey, involving a ferry from Skye or Ulapool. You will drive through some spectacular countryside and once there the very quirky coastal roads will amuse and perhaps frustrate you – be patient, slow down and embrace the gentle pace – Harris, for me anyway, is a spiritual, tranquil and calming location. Sure the weather can be wild and unpredictable, but isn’t that part of its charm and a factor in the ever changing light – one minute dark and foreboding, the next moment golden as it falls across the contours of the land.  

Just go – you won’t be disappointed. 

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Luminar + 1 Month KelbyOne Membership + Portrait Presets from Scott Kelby


Luminar + 1 Month KelbyOne Mebership + Portrait Presets from Scott Kelby for only $69. Total value of $99. A Savings of 30%

Availibility: Tuesday April 11th – Wednesday May 3rd

You get:

  • Luminar, The Supercharged photo editor for Mac that adapts to your skill level.
  • 12 portrait presets created by Scott Kelby – One of the world’s most prolific photography authors and educators.
  • 1 Month of access to KelbyOne training where you can learn everything you need to know about photography.
  • More details are available here.

Just for a larf……

Write a script – have a shave – sound is ‘roomy’ > get the mic closer – focus! – don’t be too cheeky – watch those transitions – practice at premiere more – just some thoughts…… just for laffs 😉 oh – and credit the music….and the photographers……

Oi! Don’t You Understand Copyright?

The United Nations of Photography

bowie-the-session-gavin-evans-01 Above: David Bowie from Bowie – The Session. Copyright: Gavin Evans

A long time friend and photographer Gavin Evans, had the good fortune to be commissioned to photograph David Bowie in London back in 1995. The shoot lasted just forty minutes but produced a powerful, graphic and insightful set of studio based images – you can see the images here – that have sat on Gavin’s website and in his portfolio ever since. Bowie liked the images so much he asked for some of the prints for his personal collection, hung one in his Manhattan office, described the image above as his favourite of all time and when the Victoria & Albert museum staged an exhibition devoted to Bowie’s life in 2013, he suggested that Gavin’s portraits of him should be included and used in the exhibition and catalogue.

Fast forward to 2016 and the sad death of David Bowie and those same…

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Photocircle – buy art prints and help support worthwhile causes around the world.


Buy Limited and Open Edition prints of my work and help support worthwhile causes.

Use the voucher code RONNIE18 at Photocircle for 18% off until Sunday 11th December 2016.

 With every picture sold, we donate up to 50% of the price to a development project in the country where the photo was taken. This way, we can give back to the people and countries that make our photos unique. In doing so, we close the circle.


The camera collection

Luminar is Now Available: Try it today for Free!

Luminar is Now Available: Try it today for Free!

I’ve now had more time to play with Luminar  – the new image editing software from Macphun – and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. It offers a serious alternative to Lightroom – without the catalogue functionality, Adobe Camera Raw and some of the flexibility of Photoshop for a very attractive price. It works as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop or even Aperture (if you still have a copy). The interface is slick and fairly easy to learn – slightly quirky when you get to layering and masks if you’re used to Adobe products, but almost immediately a lot of it will seem familiar and for the less experienced user presets are loaded to enable you to add effects simply and quickly as you discover and learn more about Luminars capabilities.

The launch price of $69 – now available with a free trial period – is an absolute steal if you compare it to an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Have a look it may be just what you need.

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Sleeklens Presets

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 21.05.33.png

A week or so ago I was contacted by Sleeklens – a company based in Denmark specialising in custom Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions – asking me to review their products. The offer was a free set in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Now, I already have a large number of actions I use regularly, but presets in Lightroom is something I seldom use (apart from my own custom ones for mostly basic stuff) so I plumped for a Lightroom set called ‘Through the Woods Workflow’ to see what they could offer and whether my workflow would benefit from using them. So what can the set from Sleeklens do and was I impressed ? Continue reading “Sleeklens Presets”

Pre- Order Offer on Luminar is ending soon.

Pre- order offer is ending soon.

Fantastic offer – with free tutorials and bundled freebies from as little as $49

“What’s a Luminar?” – You may ask. (besides a cool word!)

Simply put, it’s a new photo editor that has kept us awake longer than any other product we’ve ever released. Luminar is a universal all-in-one photo app designed to tackle any of your photography needs, and provide you with the ultimate photo editing comfort. It’s the most fantastic piece of software we’ve ever created.

Two words best describe Luminar: Simplicity & Creativity.

Everyone will be able to use Luminar without special training, and everyone can achieve many, many beautiful looks to their photos using only Luminar. Here’s a sneak peek at what you should expect. Continue reading “Pre- Order Offer on Luminar is ending soon.”