Oi! Don’t You Understand Copyright?

The United Nations of Photography

bowie-the-session-gavin-evans-01 Above: David Bowie from Bowie – The Session. Copyright: Gavin Evans

A long time friend and photographer Gavin Evans, had the good fortune to be commissioned to photograph David Bowie in London back in 1995. The shoot lasted just forty minutes but produced a powerful, graphic and insightful set of studio based images – you can see the images here http://gavinevans.com/david-bowie – that have sat on Gavin’s website and in his portfolio ever since. Bowie liked the images so much he asked for some of the prints for his personal collection, hung one in his Manhattan office, described the image above as his favourite of all time and when the Victoria & Albert museum staged an exhibition devoted to Bowie’s life in 2013, he suggested that Gavin’s portraits of him should be included and used in the exhibition and catalogue.

Fast forward to 2016 and the sad death of David Bowie and those same…

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