Luminar – a new Photo-Editing application pre-order offer

exciting new photo-editing software from macphun


Luminar‘ by macphun is a new Photo-Editing application that can be used by novices and experts alike. It packs a whole load of power and control for a very, very affordable price. Offering non-destructive editing, layers, masking, blending modes, cloning and healing, a history palette, a RAW converter, de-noise, customisable workspaces, adjustable editing brushes, pre-loaded customisable presets and the ability to create your own – all packaged together in a simple, (mostly) easy to use interface.


  • New Customer Pre-Order Price: $59 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses!
  • Current Users of any Macphun Software, including Aurora HDR Price: $49 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-Order Bonus Items will be revealed Nov 2

Luminar is an new all-in-one photo editor designed to ensure the ultimate in creativity and convenience. The Luminar user interface is built around the idea that every photographer is different, and therefore their photo editing needs are different too. Users can choose from pre-built user interface configurations that match their editing style and needs, or create their own. These custom settings can be switched out with a single click and scale with the number of adjustments a user makes to their photos.



For the beginner or casual user the pre-loaded presets can add immediate effects to your images and as you learn more you can begin to customise their effect using the filter panels, create your own presets and store favourites and sharing options are available for social media and other applications.



The customisable workspaces can be used to add which filters (control panels) you want to use – offering as much or as little options as you may need for a particular photograph or group of images.


Each filter set can be edited with brushes using its own mask (although the brushes could have a greater feather as the effects are not as soft as I’d like and using the square brackets to increase/decrease the size is a bit lumpy – I’m using a pre-production copy and this may be addressed before release). The healing and clone stamp work well and save as a separate layer, although working on a large RAW file (as I was) requires a lot of processing power and if like me you’re not a fan of watching progress bars – it can take a while which is a slight annoyance (I’ve just had a new version sent to me and it is considerably faster than when I first wrote this review).

Stamped layers are available as are luminosity masks and a histogram with black and white clipping warning but no numbers  or ‘zone’ readout – which would be handy for the more experienced user. A new History palette is a welcome addition allowing you to step back to earlier processing states – much like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 21.59.55.png

Luminar will offer you an alternative image processing application that is powerful, adaptable at a very affordable price.

Luminar will be available from 17th November 2016 and can be pre-ordered from 2nd November with discount and add-ons.

I do receive a modest commission from macphun for anyone buying any software from these links.

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