Aurora HDR 2017 software – pre-order offer.

If you know me you’ll have heard my thoughts on HDR photography. You’ll know its something I’m not terribly fond of. With too many HDR enthusiasts over-zealously using this technique, often with poor post-production, saturated colours rarely seen in the real world,  image ghosting and clarity sliders cranked up beyond the pale – the end results can be upsetting to the sensitive eye.

I will sometimes blend sky and foreground elements for my landscape photography and will use HDR for architectural and interior shots when time or necessity won’t allow me to use lighting and the results mostly work well. Subtlety and integrity of the original scene is the key – If the slider goes to 100% it doesn’t mean that’s where you must take it, but that’s only my opinion.

The new Aurora HDR 2017 has been developed to allow greater workflow flexibility and if HDR is something you enjoy or want to explore then why not use the most up to date software specifically developed for producing HDR images. Aurora HDR 2017 includes luminosity masking, editable layers,  adjustment brushes and many other useful additions and features plug-ins for Photoshop CC, Elements, Lightroom, Apple Photos and ‘Creative Kit’ and is currently offered at discounted prices with pre-order bonus items valid from 14th – 29th September 2016. 

According the Macphun – the software developers – the new Aurora HDR 2017 is the world’s ultimate HDR photo solution, chock full of new tools and capabilities. As a one-stop tool kit for casual and pro photographers alike, it’s versatile interface features a faster, more powerful, feature-rich and satisfying experience than any other photography software or combination of tools. Perfect for single shots or multiple-exposure brackets, Aurora HDR 2017 gives you the ultimate freedom to create.

I will test Aurora HDR 2017 soon with my own images and write a detailed review, although I have previously reviewed Tonality by Macphun with which Aurora shares some common features and much of the same easy to follow user interface.

Upgrades and Pricing: 

  • New Customer Pre-Order Price: $99 $89 – Save $10 during pre-order, Includes Pre-Order Bonuses!
  • Current Users of Aurora HDR Pro Upgrade Price: $49 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses
  • Current Users of Aurora HDR Upgrade Price: $69 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-Order Bonus Items:

  • Trey Ratcliff Deep Dive video
  • 1 Year basic subscription to SmugMug
  • 60-day KelbyOne membership
  • 25 Square Prints from (free global shipping)

Aurora HDR 2017 Key Features:

  • NEW: Polarize Filter
  • NEW: Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • NEW: Defringing Tool to remove chromatic aberration
  • NEW: Batch Processing
  • NEW: Radial Masking
  • IMPROVED: Tone-mapping technology with reduced HDR noise, improved realism of initial result and faster performance
  • IMPROVED: User Interface with a cleaner more modern style

You can check out the Aurora blog here for more information and a facts and features PDF here.

If you buy any Macphun software from links on my blog I do receive a small commission.





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