Location – Location


Apart from your skills and technique – a great way to come back with super shots is to carefully consider you location and when you should be there. http://www.tidetimes.org.uk/ – check when the tides will be right – don’t take any chances!

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a great tool to help you plan your shoot and is available for most Smart Phones and the iPad.

http://www.photoplaces.co.uk/ is newish web-site for photographers to share locations and ideas – a lot of the info is, at present, English based but I’m sure this will be added to.

Others offering info and help are: http://www.iesmith.net/location-guide.html

Remember that you don’t have to go ‘location bagging’ and visit all the places that have been well photographed before. There are many, many fantastic places to be explored – and many of them are on or not far from your own doorstep!

Sometimes a little-explored and unglamorous part of the coast can offer great shots – take your camera and tripod and explore.



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